Our Ethos

Delivering high-quality services in order to preserve the long-term quality relationships we maintain with our clients and partners.

Each business we partner with, not only achieve but surpasses their goals, thanks to our smart resources allocation and our dynamic energy!

Our Services

Digital Content Creation

Digital content drives marketing today, and RECBODY offers customized content solutions tailored for your company and industry. We’ve worked with hard hitting sports and fashion industry companies, propelling them to success, and we can help you do the same.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t for the faint of heart, but we all know how well it can pay off! RECBODY can help with all of your PPC, SEO, e-mail marketing, brand engagement, and social media needs by creating a personalized digital marketing strategy for your company.

Business Consulting

RECBODY’s flexible business consulting is anything but cookie cutter. We work one-on-one with clients to identify specific needs and address them accordingly. In the past, we’ve helped companies of all scopes and sizes improve digital marketing performance via analysis and strategy.

How it Works

Your time is valuable.
RECBODY makes it simple, quick and easier than ever to get premier marketing solutions

Describe Your Project
After you’ve contacted us, one of our team members will reach out to you. You provide a short description of what you need, as well as the results you’re hoping to achieve. Then, we take it from there.
We Find a Pro
One of our agents locates the best professional for your project. Once you’ve agreed, your project begins. You’ll receive one-on-one support throughout the duration of your project.
Your Project is Delivered
The last step is delivery, backed by a guarantee on timely turnaround and results you’ll be pleased with. All projects include guaranteed delivery date, and you’ll receive your work ahead of the specified deadline.

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Hans Lind

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Carl-Christian Bolund

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Meet Our Amazing Team

Eddie John Odima

Founder & CEO

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Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Blomgren

Chief Marketing Officer

Caio Paixo

Social Media Manager

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