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Meet Yara Zahzah

Ever wondered who the faces behind RECBODY are?

Meet our Customer Acquisition Manager in the UK, Yara Zahzah.
Yara is a Marketing Student in Hult International Business School, expected to graduate in
Originally from Lebanon and Morocco, Yara graduated with a Science Advanced degree
from a French Baccalaureate High School in Lebanon. Throughout her first year of University
in Drama and Theatre, Yara found where her passions truly lied: in 2017, she turned to
Marketing, which combines both her creative and business personas. Alongside her new
position with us, Yara is also a Mathematics Tutor and gained experience through various
internships in Sales and Marketing. Her hobbies include reading, writing, dancing, singing
and of course, working out at the gym.

At RECBODY, Yara is the link between our clients and the company, assuring that everything
satisfies both parties as well as building a strong relationship with our clients. If you have
any questions from our services to personal advice, she is your go-to person. Also, along
with Eddie, she will be taking over our social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn
and Instagram.

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